Plastic bottle walls

CBS8 News

A non-profit organisation based in San Diego are using a 3D-printed tool to recycle waste in the building of eco-friendly walls. A 3D-printed funnel mechanism is used to place litter in used plastic bottles which are built into cemented walls. more

22 Nov 2016 11:30 News

3Dom USA introduces Wound Up 3D printing filament made from coffee leftovers to provide unique print finishes. more

24 Aug 2015 14:17 News

BioInspiration launches flexible bioplastic filament made from corn starch and raw compostable materials. more

19 Aug 2015 10:38 News

3D printing filament manufacturer 3Dom USA launches 100% bio-based 3D printing filament spool and 3D printer filament with NatureWorks Ingeo PLA. more

27 May 2015 16:24 News

Indiegogo campaign for 3D printer filament recycler, Protocycler designed to reduce 3D printing waste and save money. more

29 Jan 2015 16:54 PERSONALIZE

3D-Reprinter recycles home waste plastic into 3D printing filament. more

15 Sep 2014 13:58 News

3D printing has revolutionised industries from aerospace to medicine but can 3D printers provide a platform for future of sustainable design and production? more

8 Sep 2014 12:46 Laura Griffiths' Blog 1 Comments

Yes that's right 3D Printing with algae from the ocean. French 3D Printing outfit, leFabShop have teamed up with algopack to create a seaweed-based filament. more

3 Dec 2013 10:41 PERSONALIZE