MIT Professor John Hart


Massachusetts Institute of Technology is launching a free series of online 3D printing courses, entitled ‘Additive Manufacturing: From Prototyping to Production.’ more

19 Oct 2017 16:02 News

Editorial Assistant, Sam Davies gets the thoughts of Star Rapid's Gordon Styles, EOS' Gungor Kara and Cambridge University's Tim Minshall on the importance of education in AM. more

18 Sep 2017 15:46 News

Added Scientific - Education courses

Added Scientific

Added Scientific, an additive manufacturing technical services and consultancy company, will run six different public 3D printing training courses starting this Autumn. more

21 Aug 2017 09:41 News

EOS, a leading metal and plastic 3D printing company, is set to expand its additive manufacturing Academia programme to educate budding engineers on the subject of powder-based 3D printing. more

9 Aug 2017 10:16 News

MIT Professor John Hart


TCT Magazine speaks to Professor John Hart, an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, ahead of MIT's annual five day 'From 3D printing to the Factory Floor' professional education course. more

28 Jul 2017 08:00 News

Warrington-based Croft Additive Manufacturing launches new industry workshop to introduce the fundamentals of metal additive manufacturing. more

20 Jul 2017 11:51 News

Desktop 3D printing provider, XYZprinting has unveiled a new 3D printing curricula for schools at the International Society for Technology in Education show in San Antonio, Texas. more

26 Jun 2017 10:57 News

Desktop 3D printing company, New Matter is to install a number of MOD-t 3D printers at a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education organisation. more

15 Jun 2017 14:12 News

Last week, for the third consecutive year, CECIMO organised and presented the ‘Additive Manufacturing European Conference’ (AMEC) in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, where they delivered a strategic report on the use of AM in Europe. more

13 Jun 2017 09:48 News

A New York-based 3D printing company is expanding its focus from education and the delivery of lesson plans, to give greater attention to materials and polymers. more

9 Jun 2017 12:37 News

The Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) has taken advantage of Carbon’s CLIP technology to 3D print molecular model kits which advance the teaching of sciences at high school and university. more

24 Feb 2017 15:13 News

UL and Ricoh USA announce partnership to promote the proper usage and advancement of additive manufacturing technologies. more

6 Feb 2017 15:53 News

Senvol Database teams with America Makes and ASM International to offer learning tool exercises for additive manufacturing machine and material selection. more

1 Feb 2017 10:05 News

UNG MakerBot Innovation Center

University of North Georgia/ YouTube

The University of North Georgia has become the latest US educational institute to open a MakerBot Innovation Center. UNG has launched the learning and creation lab on its Dahlonega Campus, home to a number of engineering, arts and science courses. more

31 Jan 2017 13:39 News

MakerBot Educators Program


MakerBot is hoping to promote the use of 3D printing in classrooms across the United States with its brand new MakerBot Educators Program. Using the programme, educators will be able to share knowledge with each other and receive MakerBot guidance. more

26 Jan 2017 13:39 News

Education-focussed 3D printing company, Polar 3D announces support of GE Additive Education Program for primary and secondary schools. more

25 Jan 2017 14:53 News

Physical Digital Metrology apprenticeship

Physical Digital

Physical Digital has given its input into the UK’s first Metrology apprenticeship via the company’s Managing Director. Submitted in June 2016, the application for the Metrology apprenticeship has been approved by the Department for Education. more

24 Jan 2017 16:25 News

IESE and EOS will combine their expertise in the fields of management knowledge and technology know-how, introducing executives to business models and opportunities focusing on the future of manufacturing. more

17 Jan 2017 11:36 News

Aviation technology students at a Dutch university are using 3D printing to build small rockets as part of their studies. After using 3D printing for two prior rockets, the students are now planning their first entirely 3D-printed spacecraft. more

16 Jan 2017 10:56 News

3D printing was introduced to children in Plateau, Kaduna and Lagos, by Brainiacs Robotics within non-resident STEM Camps. STEM has become a point of focus in African countries over recent years to advance underdeveloped countries. more

29 Dec 2016 16:00