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Leading supplier of additive manufacturing solutions is expanding in the US through a new facility for sales and service in Woburn, MA. more

1 Sep 2015 09:03 News

Wiggo will try to break the world one hour record in London this week, in order to make his bike as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible the design team have enlisted the help of the University of Sheffield's 3D Printing experts. more

5 Jun 2015 13:47 News

New options mean easier access to advanced metal 3D printing systems from Sciaky. more

7 May 2015 17:09 News

GKN Aerospace enters partnership with Arcam to develop next generation of electron beam melting equipment for the aerospace market. more

20 Mar 2015 09:54 News

Avio 3D-printed turbine blades


On this oh so apt of days possibly the world's leading aerospace company reveal a breakthrough in the 3D printing of blades that are in excess of 50% lighter than their counterparts. more

19 Aug 2014 16:55 News

LPW Technology has announced it is launching a stateside operation of its successful metal powder service for additive manufacturing. more

29 May 2014 11:43 News

Emma Lavelle


A fresh report on 3D printing in the medical arena has outlined the technology's growth in this sector from 2013 to 2019. more

10 Feb 2014 11:07 News

Arcam has announced it has received an order for its additive manufacturing technology from a significant US aerospace client. more

24 Jan 2014 13:32 News

Sciaky additive manufacturing

SciakyInc YouTube

Sciaky’s groundbreaking additive manufacturing technology and large- and small-scale EB welding chambers for producing large structures were on show at FABTECH. more

21 Nov 2013 10:57 News

A German industrial group has placed a significant order for Arcam's additive manufacturing technology. more

12 Nov 2013 15:21 News

Sciaky additive manufacturing

SciakyInc YouTube

Phillips Service Industries is on the lookout for a possible location for its new Additive Manufacturing facility, which will serve the aerospace and defence industries. more

7 Jun 2013 14:27 News

Sciaky additive manufacturing

SciakyInc YouTube

An agreement between Sciaky and EVOBEAM will offer manufacturers a wide range of EB welding options to meet a range of requirements from the rapid production of small parts to building large components. more

22 May 2013 15:32 News

Partnership combines leading Additive Manufacturing technology with full-service product application development and contract manufacturing services. more

22 Feb 2013 14:13 News