Farsoon Technologies

Group Editor, Daniel O'Connor on the growth of metal additive manufacturing in China. more

5 Mar 2018 08:30 Daniel O'Connor's Blog 1 Comments

Oerlikon has signed a long-term collaboration agreement with Farsoon Technologies to supply qualified AM metal powders for the Chinese firm's additive manufacturing (AM) systems. more

2 Mar 2018 01:44 TCT Asia

Additive manufacturing company, Farsoon Technologies has announced the establishment of a new European subsidiary to be led by BASF's Dirk Simon. more

1 Mar 2018 12:01 News

Laura speaks to Don Xu, Director of Global Business Group at Farsoon Technologies about the launch of its CAMS, Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution, for continuous production. more

31 Oct 2017 14:14 News

Farsoon Technologies has announced the launch of the FS1000P 3D printing system with CAMS technology. more

4 Oct 2017 12:01 News

After the acquisition by GE of Arcam and Concept Laser, Farsoon have spotted a gap in the North America market for another metals machine and are aiming to exploit it by launching Farsoon Americas. more

22 Dec 2016 12:26

Farsoon Technologies and Laser Sintering Service have announced a strategic partnership on the last day of the formnext 2016 exhibition. Farsoon also launched the 403P series plastic laser sintering system. more

18 Nov 2016 12:03 formnext powered by tct

After forming a partnership with Farsoon and launching a new series of laser sintering 3D printers at formnext Prodways announce a batch of new sales and a host of new partners. more

17 Mar 2016 14:38 News

BASF highlights collaboration with Farsoon Hi-tech and Laser-Sinter-Service at formnext powered by tct. more

17 Nov 2015 09:28 formnext powered by tct

Prodways has announces a strategic partnership with Chinese 3D printing company Hunan Farsoon High-Tech to develop 3D printer range. more

23 Sep 2015 14:55 News

Varia 3D and Dinsmore & Associates team up to expand Farsoon Technologies additive manufacturing capacity in North America. more

15 May 2015 14:17 News

The laser sintering machines we saw at TCT Asia are now being shipped in North America through Varia3D. more

20 Apr 2015 14:55 News