Ian Wright Floreon


Ian Wright has teamed up with 3D printing filament manufacturers, Floreon, to take part in a competition and promote the use of greener plastics. By designing a stylish pair of glasses for the Arsenal legend, you could win an Ultimaker 2+ printer. more

14 Nov 2016 10:49 News

UK-based 3D printing company CEL has immortalised some of the England squad's best players as 3D printable table football models. more

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Christian Eriksen 3D Print


Daniel O'Connor explores the possibly vast revenue stream that could be opened up for EA as they get 3DPRINTUK to 3D print Premier League players. more

7 Aug 2014 15:46 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

You may be fed up of a 3D Printing site's obsession with the World Cup, what with two stories already today, but this one, trust us, is worth it. more

12 Jun 2014 17:28 PERSONALIZE

At the opening ceremony of this year's World Cup a young paraplegic will step up and kick the first ball. Dan finds out how and gets his ThingiThursday on in celebration. more

12 Jun 2014 16:12 PERSONALIZE

Print Your SambaCan in your nation's colours


As the official Worl Cup instrument gets a banning order in stadiums, 3D Hubs, 3D Wergen and Kiva Kuva have set about designing a more useful 3D printable one. more

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Nike Bag


Nike has used 3D printing technology to produce a kit bag for three football stars and hi-tech shin pads for the World Cup 2014, which begins in Brazil this week. more

10 Jun 2014 10:32 News



World Cup fever is hotting up and Nike have given three of the top players at the World Cup a bespoke 3D printed bag to carry their gear in. more

2 Jun 2014 10:40 PERSONALIZE

In preparation for the big game at the weekend Ultimaker have released a 3D printable version of the Champions League trophy. more

23 May 2014 16:01 PERSONALIZE

Heitniga Mask

Cavendish Imaging/Sky Sports

John Heitinga, Dutch international and Fulham centre half broke his nose in training. To make sure he is avaialble for the visit of his former (and superior) team he had a protective mask 3D Printed. more

29 Mar 2014 12:11 PERSONALIZE