On International Women's Day we highlight some of the work women in the 3D printing industry are doing right now in research labs and pioneering startups. more

8 Mar 2017 16:28 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Ford Stratasys large car parts


While smaller 3D-printed parts, such as engine components, have long been tried and tested in automotive vehicles, Ford are looking to lead the way in introducing larger additively manufactured mechanisms using Stratasys' Infinite Build technology. more

6 Mar 2017 12:05 News

Assistant Editor, Laura Griffiths reports on a trip to Stratasys’ HQ in Minneapolis where the additive manufacturing pioneer demonstrated how it’s shaping the future of FDM. more

9 Sep 2016 10:12 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Stratasys unveils future of FDM 3D printing with the Infinite-Build and Robotic Composite "3D Demonstrators". more

24 Aug 2016 09:14 News

'3D printing factory in store' to introduce iconic Ford truck models and metal 3D printed keepsakes to toymaker kiosks in stores across the U.S. more

16 Feb 2016 12:26 PERSONALIZE

From model cars to supercars - we bring you an update on the latest 3D printing developments in the automotive industry including localised manufacturing, material developments and THAT supercar. more

11 Aug 2015 16:49 News

The Ford 3D Store launches five 3D printable Ford models ready to download and print at home. more

14 Jul 2015 09:49 News

Award winning custom scan, design and modelling service Impossible Creations founder, Ian Carter talks to TCT about the value of apprenticeships. more

9 Sep 2014 11:45 News 1 Comments

Wall Street

Wall Street (by Agamitsudo via Wikimedia Commons)

Voxeljet is set to join the likes of 3D Systems, Stratasys and ExOne on the stock market. more

19 Sep 2013 12:24 News

Forget all the bad stuff like printing guns and stealing intellectual property, Climate Desk outline the ways in which 3D printing could save the world. more

25 Mar 2013 17:00 PERSONALIZE

Ford's plant in Wayne, Michigan

By Dwight Burdette (own work), via Wikimedia Commons

3D printing is pushing the boundaries of innovation, USA Today reports. more

25 Mar 2013 12:47 News 2 Comments