Form 1

Now 3D Systems and Formlabs have settled their differences we thought it was time to take a look at the design of the desktop 3D printer, which shook up an industry. more

5 Dec 2014 14:33 News

Formlabs announces new suite of functional resins for Form 1 3D Printer. more

23 Oct 2014 10:54 News

We've tried a variety of plastic extruding 3D printers so it was exciting to get hands on with the first desktop stereolithography machine. Read the review. more

25 Mar 2014 11:32 PERSONALIZE

For this week's Thingi Thursday Dan tries to print the famously troublesome Gyrocube on the Form 1. See how he got on. more

20 Feb 2014 17:20 PERSONALIZE

So far we've only attempted smaller prints on the Formlabs Form 1, today we decided to tackle perhaps the most famous manmade structure on earth. more

17 Feb 2014 17:20 PERSONALIZE

Honda have released a selection of 3D models for their infamous Concept cars. So we downloaded one and printed it on a Form 1. more

6 Feb 2014 12:26 PERSONALIZE


Formlabs blog

2013 has been some year for the Formlabs team and they're rounding off with a huge cash investment in order to grow even bigger. more

24 Oct 2013 16:31 PERSONALIZE

Formlabs have now released the resin they intended to launch with in the first place. Grey Resin. more

9 Sep 2013 15:11 PERSONALIZE

After funding from Balderton Venture Capitalists 3D Hubs have launched their site, which could monetise all the idle 3D printers in the world. more

29 Aug 2013 15:53 PERSONALIZE


Formlabs blog

It's all been quiet on the Formlabs front for a couple of months, until now that is. The MIT founded company are going full steam ahead with their SLA 3D Printer despite an impending lawsuit. more

5 Apr 2013 16:15 PERSONALIZE