Form 1 3D printer

Now 3D Systems and Formlabs have settled their differences we thought it was time to take a look at the design of the desktop 3D printer, which shook up an industry. more


Formlabs has unveiled the Form 1+ 3D printer at RAPID. The new stereolithography machine offers superior prints at higher speeds and can now print in black resin. more


Cast your minds back to before September 2012, desktop 3D printing was for hobbyists printing in thermoplastics and stereolithography was just an esoteric. Then Formlabs happened... more


Formlabs have launched a new, white resin for their Form 1 3D Printer. They are also proud to be winners of the 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards BEST OF INNOVATIONS award. more

TCT Events

The Kickstarter success story has now come to a satisfying end but nothing will stop the MIT-made company from getting bigger. We report from their stand at Euromold. more

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A retraction of and apology for the article 'Conscientious botObectors no more'. more

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Formlabs has announced a major round of Series A funding, enabling the company to fortify its foothold in the 3D printing market. more


TCT Show + Personalize speaker Richard Horne leads a double life both as a 'suit' and a 'woolly jumper' and it is the RichRap inventor's mission to join the two sides at this year's event. Rose Brooke spoke to the 3D printing community stalwart. more

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Alternative funding has already led to successes in 3D printing such as iMakr and the Form 1 3D printer, and now the CBI wants more businesses to consider lateral financial thinking. more

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