There was so much to see and do at the inaugural formnext powered by tct, that it was difficult to squeeze it all into four days. If you couldn't make the event at all, or want to relive some of the best bits look no further than this gallery. Read more

TCT Conference @ Formnext


TCT + Personalize

The places to see all of the pics of what's new in the 3D printing world at CES 2015 before the show even opens. Read more


As tradeshow stalwarts seeing the same old prints time after time can become a little tiresome, fortunately Dan sought out some prints that you may not have seen before. Read more

Euromold News

Pokémon, the world's second most successful video game franchise has announced their latest games to much anticipation. While you wait here's five Pokémon 3D Prints for you to make. Read more


We no longer have to put up with boring ABS and PLA we can print with all sorts. Check out this gallery of the best of the rest. Read more



FabMe/Bryan Ward

Melissa B. is an American recording artist whose love for technology brought her to some 3D printed jewellery for her latest shoot. Read more


If you're the forgetful sort or couldn't make it out to the shops to by a gift because of the weather, how about printing a gift right this second. Here's 5 of the best prints for you to download and print off. Read more



Rick Baker

Check out this gallery of the most astonishing 3D prints you're likely to see in some time. Read more


Keanu Reconstruction.jpg

idk -

The meme of 2010 stages a 3D printing comeback in 2014. Check out this amazing gallery Read more



TCT + Personalize

Personalize is at International CES 2014 and has gathered a gallery of the 14 new printers being exhibited on the show floor. Read more



TED EDWARDS 07831 342479

Out of the hundreds of photos taken at TCT Show + Personalize 2013 we've selected twenty for your perusing pleasure in our new look galleries. Read more