Todd Grimm Column: When Disillusionment is a good thing

The ever excellent Todd Grimm's column this month focusses on an industry that despite suffering on the stock market is growing at a steady rate. more

23 Nov 2015 17:12 The Todd Grimm Column 1 Comments

Consumer 3D printing is predicted to be more than five years away whilst the medical industry will have the biggest immediate impact. more

19 Aug 2014 10:02 News

Gray's Anatomy Male Pelvis

Gray's Anatomy

A surgeon has 3D printed the pelvis of a cancer patient, who had half of his own pelvis removed to prevent the spread of bone cancer. more

10 Feb 2014 09:24 News


University of Michigan

The rapid development of 3D bioprinters is set to spark calls to ban the technology for human and non-human use for ethical reasons, according to Gartner more

30 Jan 2014 09:47 News 1 Comments

Darth Vader

Nando Machado/

GE experts claim future laser additive manufacturers will be the Jedi knights of the industry, as the technology shifts from specialist applications to the mainstream. more

3 Apr 2013 12:00 News

3D Print


Will the early 3D printing adopter 'tortoises' have the commercial advantage over their 'hare' counterparts? more

27 Mar 2013 13:19 News