Timothy Pumphrey

Metal 3D printing company, Desktop Metal begins shipping its first Studio System machines to early Pioneer customers. Read more


Scandy, a small computer vision and mobile 3D scanning company, has launched its Scandy Pro 3D scanning app, which supports a Google AR/ VR and room-mapping platform. Read more


Crowd-sourced 3D printing community behind e-Nable recieves $600,000 grant from Google Impact Challenge to further development of 3D printed prosthetics. Read more


Designer duo, Drzach and Suchy use 3D printing to create shadow casting artwork featuring some famous faces through a combination of art, technology and light. Read more


Google Lunar XPrize Milestone Awards announced including $750,000 award for Part-Time Scientists and their part 3D printed rover. Read more


The inventors of the cell-phone and the inventors of 3D printing have joined forces in a very interesting partnership to fully customise your smartphone. Read more


3D Systems Motorola

Mark Serr

3D Systems and Motorola have teamed up to develop advanced manufacturing and fulfilment platforms in support of large-scale production for 3D-printed modules and user-customisable smartphones. Read more


To celebrate the launch of our partnership with CES, Dan was tasked with designing and printing a 3D version of the CES logo. In his blog he details how he got on with the rather daunting task. Read more



Palmer, Alfred T, via Wikimedia Commons

This September's TCT Show + Personalize will demonstrate how additive manufacturing technology has infiltrated mainstream consumer goods manufacturing. Read more


Cultured Beef

David Parry / PA Wire

The Google backed concept behind 3D printed meat had its first taste test today and the results were really quite successful. Read more


Todd Blatt's Kickstarter project, GlassKap aims to create some sort of Google Glass code of conduct with his range of 3D printed products. Read more


Google Glass

Todd Blatt

Todd Blatt, a keen maker and Google Glass BETA tester has scanned a precious artefact and made a 3D printable model using Glass. Read more


Car Key

Ryan Weaving, Google Plus

Ryan Weaving, a member of Google Plus' 3D Printing Community took a snub from a locksmith as a challenge and 3D printed his own Mini Cooper key. Read more


3D printing startup, Handprint, have won a competition for a free premises with Google's own broadband Google Fiber, supplied by MakerBot board member Brad Feld. Read more