Frustum's ‘Generative Quadcopter Challenge' invited participants to use Frustum’s cloud-based generative design and topology optimisation software, Generate, to design a lightweight quadcopter to be 3D-printed. more

14 Mar 2017 16:18 Software

Jon Stevenson of Stratasys talks us through GrabCAD Print, the company’s new software which makes it easier for engineers across the globe to 3D print. The new cloud-based platform allows mechanical engineers to 3D print directly from a CAD file. more

18 May 2016 21:30 RAPID + TCT 1 Comments

Stratasys selects winners from over 200 entries to rethink the design of the CubeSat, a standardised small satellite aimed at university students. more

26 Aug 2015 09:16 PERSONALIZE

NASA has teamed up with the GrabCAD community to invite designers to create a handrail clamp assembly that will be printed and studied on board the International Space Station. more

22 Jan 2015 10:48 PERSONALIZE

Stratasys to acquire GrabCAD, a leading 3D CAD collaboration platform by end of September. more

16 Sep 2014 13:58 News

GrabCAD and RoboSavvy collaborate to gather ideas for a humanoid robot design for entertainment and education. more

12 Dec 2013 17:01 PERSONALIZE

GE Competition


3D modellers of the world. Santa needs your help! GE launch competition with GrabCAD to help improve the sleigh that pulls old Saint Nick. more

18 Nov 2013 16:32 PERSONALIZE

Luxion GrabCAD Screenshot


As a result of the partnership between the two companies and new integration options that bring seamless, bi-directional transfer of data between the platforms. KeyShot is the first Workbench application for photographic rendering of 3D models. more

17 Oct 2013 14:23 Software

Tech Soft 3D has announced its newest suit for desktop, mobile and web development, future-proofed for tomorrow's applications. more

7 Oct 2013 16:47 Software

GE has unveiled its 10 global Open Innovation Jet Engine Design Quest Phase II finalists and welcomes the next stage of the competition. more

20 Sep 2013 15:57 Software

World’s largest online community for engineers shares knowledge and experiences about software solutions for additive manufacturing more

4 Sep 2013 14:59 events

The world’s largest online community for engineers shares its knowledge and experiences about software solutions for additive manufacturing more

4 Sep 2013 14:28 Software

CEO of GrabCAD Hardi Meybaum is set to demystify the world of collaborative hardware design at TCT Show + Personalize this September. Rose Brooke caught up with him to ask him about his presentation and his passion for engineering. more

7 Aug 2013 12:23

Designers of all levels can now create CAD in their browser now GrabCAD has joined forces with Autodesk. more

1 Jul 2013 16:48 Software 1 Comments

Bre Pettis MakerBot

Patrick Pittman

Rose Brooke investigates the movement in the 3D printing corner of the tech stock market and how last week's gargantuan Stratasys/MakerBot acquisition news affected the Big Three. more

28 Jun 2013 15:56 Guest Blogs

The largest online community of engineers are now able to edit 3D models in their browser, collaboratively as AutoDesk's AutoCAD 360 and Fusion 360 are added to GrabCAD's Workbench utility. more

28 Jun 2013 10:00 PERSONALIZE

Luxion and GrabCAD have joined forces and aim to integrate the two platforms of advanced rendering and lighting technology and the design and engineering sphere. more

14 Jun 2013 13:59 Software

Bracket Challenge


GE is challenging innovators to redesign lightweight jet engine components to be 3D printed - and there's cash prizes to be won. more

11 Jun 2013 13:48 News


General Electric

General Electric are starting to take 3D printing very seriously as they announce two 3D printing challenges in partnership with GrabCAD and Nine Sigma. more

11 Jun 2013 13:45 PERSONALIZE

CAD users have been invited to put their creative hats on and come up with a design for a toy that can be printed on the Ultimaker desktop 3D printer. more

8 May 2013 16:10 News