Desktop Metal unveils its latest piece of metal 3D printing hardware, the Shop System, at Formnext 2019. Read more


26.5 Comp Hard Still_Rendering_CPURendered_ArchCivilEng_Rymsha.jpg

HP Mars Home Planet

A look at what the VR trend in computing hardware could mean for architecture on Earth and beyond. Read more


New 3D printing package will be available with the Dreamer and Creator Pro printers, as well as hundreds of other printers which already support Simplify3D software. Read more


The shortlist for the TCT Technology Innovation Hardware Award 2017 has been released. Find out who has been nominated here. Read more

TCT Show

SENTINEL final rendering

Dyze Design/ Kickstarter

A team of designers from Canada have created a 3D printer accessory that monitors and cleans the filament. The designers have gone about creating the accessory so production is not ruined midway through due to low filament levels. Read more


RP support has announced the launch of its new brand identity and website to better engage with its customers in the 3D market. Read more