Todd Grimm Column: When Disillusionment is a good thing

The ever excellent Todd Grimm's column this month focusses on an industry that despite suffering on the stock market is growing at a steady rate. Read more

23 Nov 2015 17:12 The Todd Grimm Column 1 Comments

A new study has suggested the 'coolness' factor of a technology diminishes after it's been in the mainstream for a while. So, will the so-called 3D printing bubble burst because the technology has grown too popular? Read more

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B2B2C platform, edibles, ceramics and full-colour models lead the 3DPRINTING 2.0 party as 3D Systems go all out at International CES 2014 in Las Vegas Read more


TCT has announced the full line up of its conference track for International CES 2014, with 3D printing industry innovators from Mcor Technologies, IBM, Under Armour and Legacy Effects set to demystify and enlighten. Read more


The 3D printing reality distortion field

The key to making the most of any new technology is to understand what it's really capable of — and that's not happening with 3D printing, so says Joris Peels... Read more

26 Feb 2013 13:43 Joris Peels 3 Comments

Do you dare to dream?

"I am not a dreamer. I am guilty of understatement and rightfully accused of pessimism. Don’t get me wrong though. I am passionate about 3D printing and believe in the technology," so says Todd Grimm Read more

14 Jun 2012 23:46 The Todd Grimm Column