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Consumer 3D printing is predicted to be more than five years away whilst the medical industry will have the biggest immediate impact. Read more


A new study has suggested the 'coolness' factor of a technology diminishes after it's been in the mainstream for a while. So, will the so-called 3D printing bubble burst because the technology has grown too popular? Read more

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Riding the wave

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3D Printer Overhype — the very real impacts

As we ride the crest of the 3D printing hype wave, spare a thought for those who have already ridden this ride, and are now precariously in the shadow of one almighty splash. Read more

3 Oct 2012 13:42 Jim Woodcock's Blog 5 Comments

The Hype-Cycle is Inevitable: Which is why we should Challenge It!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I do get rather frustrated with some of the hype (aka complete rubbish) that is spouted about 3D printing. However, I am not going to apologise for writing about it here on PersonliZe once again. Read more

18 Jun 2012 14:48 Guest Column