Idea Series

Entwistle Group joins Stratasys reseller channel for Idea series 3D printers. more

11 Dec 2014 15:01 News

PaperlinX signs partnership with ArtSystems to sell Stratasys 3D printers. more

23 Oct 2014 16:01 News

TCT Magazine paid a visit to Hawk3DProto in Yorkshire where 3D printing visionary Ben Hawksworth gave us a glimpse into his plans for the additive manufacturing project he has spun out of tooling solutions provider Cutwel. more

21 Jul 2014 10:00 News

Cutwel is celebrating the official launch of its rebranded 3D printing venture Hawk3DProto, setting the company's additive manufacturing arm apart from the established engineering tools supplier. more

4 Jun 2014 15:24 News

Stratasys Idea Series


Engineering industry stalwart Cutwel has launched its own service bureau, a fledgling operation with big ambitions. TCT Magazine spoke to 3D Printing and Metrology Manager Ben Hawksworth. more

7 May 2014 16:25 Services