Jonathan Jaglom

MakerBot CEO resignation


MakerBot has announced the resignation of CEO Jonathon Jaglom and the appointment of company president, Nadav Goshen as his successor. Jaglom has decided to leave to return to Israel and spend more time with his family. Read more


Jonathan Jaglom's serious realignment process of the MakerBot brand bears some fruit as the desktop 3D printing company launch a raft of new 3D printing solutions aimed at professionals. Read more


Desktop 3D printing leader, MakerBot has announced it will lay off 20% of its workforce for the second time this year amid significant structural changes. Read more



TCT + Personalize

Dan looks back at some of his highlights over the three days on the show floor and at the conference at the first ever TCT Asia. Read more

Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Six months after replacing Bre Pettis Jenny Lawton moves elsewhere inside Stratasys as the firm continue their shake-up of the Brooklyn-based desktop manufacturer. Read more