Researchers at Zhejiang University and Columbia University develop unique 3D vision system with Kinect camera to accurately apply images onto 3D printed objects with hydrographic printing. more

14 May 2015 11:34 News 1 Comments

Team TCT was out in force at the Big Bang Fair last week to encourage children to learn about 3D printing - but did we learn a thing or two in return? RB reflects on her days on duty. more

19 Mar 2014 10:49 , Guest Blogs


3D printing and 3D scanning technology could make many people a fun, simple money-spinner, according to Artec Group, makers of Shapify.Pro. more

4 Mar 2014 11:53 Imaging 1 Comments

Artec Group has unveiled its new for Microsoft Kinect for Windows or Kinect for XBox 360. more

26 Dec 2013 10:00 Imaging

3D printing featured on the hit show last year and was applauded in the industry for its depiction of the technology. But all was not what it seems, as Artec have revealed. more

24 Oct 2013 12:37 PERSONALIZE

A feature on BBC's flagship breakfast show was quick to build up the 3D printing hype all the while unwittingly exposing the techs limitations. more

30 Jul 2013 17:03 PERSONALIZE

The hackerspace have been using the Xbox Kinect as a 3D scanner for a while now, but at this week's TechFest they confirmed an update for Windows SDK to include 3D scanning. more

7 Mar 2013 12:12 PERSONALIZE