In its latest in a long line of acquisitions the founders of 3D printing have added metal 3D printing specialist, the Belgium-based LayerWise. more

3 Sep 2014 15:12 News

LayerWise Jaw


LayerWise has proudly announced that it has been selected by GE as the winner of its Global 3D Printing Production Quest, which seeks to find additive manufactured solutions for the medical sector. more

4 Jun 2014 12:04 News

Rose Brooke spoke to Layerwise's Peter Mercelis and Rob Snoejis about the company's accelerated growth, its new facility and its competitive edge in this fast-paced additive manufacturing world. more

19 Mar 2014 10:24 News

A man's face has been rebuilt by surgeons in Swansea using 3D printing technology from Renishaw and LayerWise after he suffered an horrific bike accident in 2012. more

12 Mar 2014 10:19 News

LayerWise Jaw


A new report has revealed 3D printing applications in the medical market will be worth $965.5 million in six years' time. more

29 Aug 2013 15:21 News

LayerWise applied Additive Manufacturing (AM) to produce an award-winning Titanium total jaw implant reconstruction. more

14 Jun 2012 09:12 News