London Olympics 2012

Wiggo will try to break the world one hour record in London this week, in order to make his bike as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible the design team have enlisted the help of the University of Sheffield's 3D Printing experts. more

5 Jun 2015 13:47 News

Personalised swords designed by Stratasys helped the Japanese fencing team take the silver medal in the 2012 Olympics. more

27 Aug 2013 15:05 News

From the Olympics, to the Paralympics and from Hellmand to Dakar, Dan Johns takes a look at how AM and 3D printing are impacting on lives positively, and a look forward to further developments. more

19 Sep 2012 11:33

One of the wonderful things about the Olympic Games is the inspiration that drives people not only to compete but to improve... more

3 Aug 2012 09:31 PERSONALIZE

As the UK counts down to the London Olympics 2012, IDC Models, the rapid prototyping and model making division of Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC), is delighted to have made its own contribution to the British Olympic cycling team. more

13 Jul 2012 11:24 Services