M2 cusing

Concept Laser AFIT

Skywrighter photos/ Amy Rollins

Concept Laser has further expanded its reach into the aerospace sector after a Wright-Patterson Air Force Base engineering school purchased an M2 cusing machine. more

18 Apr 2017 10:57 News

Concept Laser has revealed its LaserCUSING process has been leveraged by a leading player in the craniomaxillofacial (CMF) surgery field to produce patient-specific implants with titanium. more

3 Apr 2017 13:51 News

Concept Laser GoEngineer race car chassis

Concept Laser

Concept Laser has announced a partnership agreement with GoEngineer, a technology and software supplier. The aim is to utilise the market-leading strengths of both companies to expand their respective footprints in metal additive manufacturing. more

14 Mar 2017 11:07 News

Concept Laser M2 Cusing machine

Concept Laser

The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has strengthened its focus on additive manufacturing by taking on Concept Laser’s 3D metal printing technology for rapid prototyping and materials research. more

28 Feb 2017 11:37 News