Makerbot Digitizer

MakerBot have finally realeased their much talked about scanner, The Digitizer. Complete with a video from Bre we run down the specs, what it can do and what it can't. more

22 Aug 2013 17:09 PERSONALIZE

MakerBot have finally announced their 3D Scanner, here it is in all its glory. more

22 Aug 2013 17:06 Videos

The desktop 3D printing giants' 3D scanner has been in the pipeline for some months now, in a newsletter they have given us a sneak preview of what the machine will look like. more

15 Aug 2013 10:23 PERSONALIZE

For this week's Thingi Thursday we took a MakerBot Digitizer scan and tried to print it. more

25 Jul 2013 16:30 PERSONALIZE

MakerBot continue to improve their printers and the latest software/firmware release looks set to improve rafts and support material. more

14 Jun 2013 12:13 PERSONALIZE

UPDATE: MakerBot are expanding their production facilities, creating more jobs in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC. more

4 Jun 2013 00:00 PERSONALIZE

Autodesk's recent direction sees them appealing to amateur 3D designers as well as the professional. Personalize talked to Richard Blatcher and Kevin Schneider to find out more. more

23 Apr 2013 12:00 PERSONALIZE

Makerbot partner with Autodesk


Makerbot's Digitizer announcement was one of the biggest draws at SXSW Interactive and they weren't done there. The 3D printing hardware giants announced a unique partnership with Autodesk. more

11 Mar 2013 09:45 PERSONALIZE

Four years since using SXSW to launch the Cupcake CNC, Bre Pettis returns to launch the Makerbot Digitizer. more

8 Mar 2013 21:43 PERSONALIZE