BQ founder, Rodrigo del Prado, talks to TCT at the 2015 International CES about getting back to making and teaching 3D printing to children. Read more


Apparently Daft Punk helmets are one of the most popular requests for 3D printers. A tutorial shows you how to make your own. Read more



Rick Baker

Check out this gallery of the most astonishing 3D prints you're likely to see in some time. Read more


i.materialise rubber-like


i.materialise is trialling its rubber-like material, inviting makers to experiment with the substance and publish the results. Read more


3DTin has added a new feature that will exactly halve your efforts while building symmetric models... Read more


It pays to keep an eye on Kickstarter and Indiegogo these days, and the sedgwick DLP 3D printer is a perfect example of why. Low in cost, high in resolution... interested much? Read more


Kacie MakerBot Broadway

© Makerbot Industries 2012

A cool story from Wired this week — how 3D printing, specifically from a MakerBot in this instance, is being used in the visualization and design of Broadway sets. Read more


Ye Olde Toolbox

Minnesota Historical Society [CC-BY-SA-2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Building your Maker toolbox — what do you need?

The inaugural blog entry from maker, tinkerer and hacker Paul Salisbury (aka Fabricātis). The maker's toolbox is as individual as the maker themselves, but there are some staples that should be on everyone's list, as Paul explains... Read more

11 Jun 2012 11:54 , Guest Column

What do we really need to know about our 3D printer BEFORE we buy it? Is there something the machine makers aren't telling us? Read more