Mark Little

The story of how 3D printing helped a London-based fashion accessory company get off the ground two years after being put on ice. more

17 Dec 2014 14:26 PERSONALIZE

Fascinating story of how Oxford University scientists turned to a 3D printing bureau in order to help them produce glasses that help the visually impaired see. more

18 Jun 2014 15:32 PERSONALIZE

Luma 3D Print are an upcoming 3D printing company who have close links with Nick Allen's 3DPRINTUK. They are moving to South Bermondsey, London and looking to grow. more

3 Oct 2013 17:00 PERSONALIZE



3D CAD is evolving, designers need to learn more about tolerances, wall thickness and support material in order to make the best 3D prints. Luma3Dprint offer CAD specifically for 3D printing. more

1 Jul 2013 14:15 PERSONALIZE

Nick Allen Bugatti


TCT met with Nick Allen, the man behind 3DPRINTUK, to discuss his views on the UK's emerging 3D printing industry and what he thinks people need to know about the technology. more

16 May 2013 12:04 News