Stratasys Makerbot Merger


Stratasys has revealed its third quarter results - the first quarter to include revenues from MakerBot - have yielded positive data and upwardly-revised guidance. Read more


Bre Pettis MakerBot

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Stratasys and MakerBot have completed their merger after announcing the takeover back in June. Read more


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Another round of Q2 results and fresh merger news had a marked impact on our Big Three's stock market performance last week. Read more

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Stratasys has announced record financial results for Q2, naming the MakerBot merger as the highlight of the quarter. Read more


3D Systems has launched its new website, perhaps indicating the company is taking an inward-looking stance? Rose Brooke considers the firm's timing and whether there is more to this facelift than you might think. Read more

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So MakerBot and Stratasys merging was pretty big news, Personalize brings you the highlights of a hectic press conference in this round-up. Read more


More mergers...Is this good for business but bad for innovation and individuality? Read more


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Has word of mouth caused this bearish activity on the markets? Or is something else afoot? Rose Brooke brings readers up to speed. Read more

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UK company Global TCT is set to be taken over by German 3D printing firm voxeljet this month, increasing its British presence. Read more


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It's been a busy week for our big three, as Rose Brooke summarises the troika's numerous media releases and how they have affected share prices. Read more


3D Systems has officially welcomed its new Geomagic colleagues to the leading 3D printing business. Read more


3D Systems vs Stratasys


Stratasys and 3D Systems have positioned themselves at the very top of the 3D printing industry pyramid, but will one topple the other? Read more


Massive Dynamics has signed a letter of intent to acquire Hong Kong-based PrintForge 3D. Read more


Stratasys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSYS) and Objet Ltd. today announced the completion of their merger, forming a giant in 3D printing and direct digital manufacturing. The combined company will trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange as Stratasys Ltd. Read more


TCT has learned that Stratasys and Objet are set to merge, forming a $1.4 billion entity. Read more


Stratasys and Objet update…

This morning I was able to speak with Erez Simha, COO & CFO at Objet about the situation and how it will affect things moving forward. Read more

19 Apr 2012 16:22 Jim Woodcock's Blog

There are plenty of questions still surrounding the merger of Objet and Stratasys, announced earlier this week. This morning James Woodcock was able to speak with Erez Simha, COO & CFO at Objet about the situation. Read more


Stratasys and Objet to Merge

The rise and rise of 3D Systems over the last acquisition-fuelled couple of years has taught us one thing: once a company starts to acquire companies it has a positive effect on the ability of that company to continue buying. Read more

16 Apr 2012 16:26 Jim Woodcock's Blog