Sony has filed a detailed patent for a system which would allow video game characters to be 3D printed. The development could mean a huge advancement in video game merchandising. more

9 Nov 2016 12:12 News

Blokify is a new 3D Printing iOS app that enables children to design their own 3D models and then print them out. more

2 Jan 2014 17:23 PERSONALIZE

This boxing day Thingi Thursday we received a request from a young lady to print one of the villains from Minecraft. more

26 Dec 2013 14:00 PERSONALIZE

This crazy video shows the painstaking detail and attention one gamer has out into making a 3D printer insde the hit video game. more

19 Dec 2013 16:41 PERSONALIZE

We've waxed lyrical about the site that turns Minecraft models into STLs so we felt it was about time to try the service out. more

17 Oct 2013 12:23 PERSONALIZE

Printcraft relaunch


The only place you can turn your Minecraft models into actual 3D prints have revamped their website and upgraded their build space. more

29 Apr 2013 15:00 PERSONALIZE



Printcraft is a piece of code that turns Minecraft creations into 3D prints, opening up the 3D printing doors to millions of children across the world. We caught up with its inventor Paul Harter. more

19 Mar 2013 18:45 PERSONALIZE