How does hybrid modeling enable the fourth industrial revolution? Join Spatial's Senior Product Manager, Brian Rohde, for this free webinar to find out about the software's new ability to model with both precise and polygonal representations. Read more


Amalgam models tells TCT how they were able combine 3D printing with traditional manufacturing processes to deliver a set of exhibition models in rapid time. Read more


London-based design studio Digits2Widgets tells TCT how 3D printing helped to capture the compexity of one of the most iconic examples of twentieth-century religious architecture. Read more

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Three of Vignone's prints

Robert Vignone

Lead animator on Dreamworks new movie How to Train You Dragon 2, Robert Vignone talks to personalize about 3D printing becoming the newest tool in a digital artists toolset. Read more


Keanu Reconstruction.jpg

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The meme of 2010 stages a 3D printing comeback in 2014. Check out this amazing gallery Read more


After the success of Cubify Invent and Cubify Sculpt 3D Systems have launched their advanced modelling software, Cubify Design. Read more



Nickolay Lamm of

Research artist Nickolay Lamm is challenging the traditional Barbie's strange proportions by 3D printing a model of what a normal barbie would/should look like. We spoke to Nickolay to find out more. Read more


A marketplace with a difference! All models are pre-sliced and can be sent direct to your printer with InstaPrint. Read more




The Singaporean-based 3D Printing startup have claimed many things in their short lifetime, few believed any of those claims were possible. If the SmartObjects demo is anything to go by the future is bright. Read more