Nick Allen

The story of how 3D printing helped a London-based fashion accessory company get off the ground two years after being put on ice. Read more


Christian Eriksen 3D Print


Daniel O'Connor explores the possibly vast revenue stream that could be opened up for EA as they get 3DPRINTUK to 3D print Premier League players. Read more

Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Fascinating story of how Oxford University scientists turned to a 3D printing bureau in order to help them produce glasses that help the visually impaired see. Read more


TCT Show + Personalize was proud to announce the "rock stars" billed for its main stage speaker sessions this year. Here's a snapshot of the talks. Read more


3DPRINTUK'S Skateboard

3DPRINTUK/ Design by Sam Abbott

Sam Abbott sent his skateboard deck design off to the guys at 3DPRINTUK to print, it proved quite the challenge but if there's one thing they love at 3DPRINTUK it's a challenge. Read more


3DPRINTUK printed CGTrader competition winner Sam Abbott's design of a 3D Printed skateboard deck. Read more


Nick Allen will tackle the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth at TCT Show & Personalize. Rose Brooke caught up with Nick who is both a 3D printing fanatic and critic. Read more



CGTrader announced the winners of their 3D printing competition this week, the models are quite amazing. Read more


Zack Schildhorn Square

Lux Capital

Another key business leader has added his voice to the chorus that 3D printing could change everything. Read more


3DPrintUK's Nick Allen appeared on the One Show on the BBC in February 2013 to discuss 3D printing. Read more

Nick Allen Bugatti


TCT met with Nick Allen, the man behind 3DPRINTUK, to discuss his views on the UK's emerging 3D printing industry and what he thinks people need to know about the technology. Read more


3DPRINTUK Pricing structure Read more