Protosthetics, a company which takes advantage of open source hardware 3D printers to produce prosthetics and orthotics, has brought its affordable solutions to market with a cluster of LulzBot machines. more

17 May 2017 14:25 News

FutureHear team


Low-cost prosthetic ears are being created with 3D technology for children who were born with Microtia. The FutureHear project, a collaboration between Queensland University of Technology and Hear and Say, aim to gift youngsters the ability to hear. more

1 Nov 2016 10:53 News

Following their debut at CES, NinjaTek announces the global release of its Cheetah and Armadillo high-performance 3D printing materials. more

29 Jun 2016 14:06 News

Andrew Besancon talks to TCT about NinjaTek's latest materials for faster and more rigid 3D printing launched at CES 2016. more

13 Jan 2016 16:19 CES

Aleph Objects, Inc. announced an exclusive partnership with Filabits LLC to promote access access to, and adoption of, high performance materials in the desktop 3D printing industry. more

3 Dec 2015 11:07 News

WATCH: Andrew Besancon from Ninjaflex talks at TCT Asia about how flexible materials are giving users the power to do something a little different with their 3D prints. more

24 Apr 2015 12:40 TCT Events

The corporation, which employees over 5,000 people, previously dipped their toe in the water with NinjaFlex filament, now another of their subsidiary's has produced a more efficient belt driver for 3D printers. more

24 Jul 2014 11:02 News