Find out how the world's first smartphone skirt, paraded at London Fashion Week, was only possible because of 3D Printing. more

19 Feb 2014 16:39 PERSONALIZE

South African friends Pieter and Gerhard decided that 3D printing needed to be smarter so they wrote an app for their Window's Phone to print directly. more

7 Nov 2013 12:03 PERSONALIZE

Nokia and Makerbot


The Finnish mobile giants will showcase their personalized cases for their Lumia 820 model, printed by the Replicator 2, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. more

25 Feb 2013 15:25 PERSONALIZE

Replicator 2 Cases

Thingiverse / Makerbot

The MakerBot team have taken the Nokia Lumia820 files and made their own removable shell on the Replicator 2 more

23 Jan 2013 11:20 PERSONALIZE

Nokia Lumia 820


Phone giant (albeit one that has seen some trouble of late) Nokia has gone a step further in the 3D printed phone case direction by releasing technical drawings and specs for the 3D printing of your own case. more

18 Jan 2013 13:57 PERSONALIZE