Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory to use Senvol’s Data Collection Procedures in additive manufacturing data generation project. more

13 Sep 2017 10:26 News

Momentum Technologies, a Dallas-based start-up, has licensed Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL) 3D printed magnet technology. more

6 Jun 2017 14:17 News

Olli, the 3D-printed autonomous vehicle launched by Local Motors, has been deployed in Berlin by Euref Campus. The self-driven bus is thought to serve around 100 of the campus' workers every day. more

16 Jan 2017 15:32 News

Additive Engineering Solutions, an additive manufacturing consultancy group since its conception in 2015, is to offer a large-scale part 3D printing service with a Big Area Additive Manufacturing Machine from Cincinnati Inc. more

12 Dec 2016 13:46 News

Two US science and technology national laboratories have been awarded $5 million from the United States Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO). AMO believe metal alloys have lagged behind that of plastics and polymers. more

6 Dec 2016 16:43 News

Cranfield Uni Biggest 3D printed part

Cranfield University

Cranfield University have unveiled what they believe to be the biggest single metal 3D-printed part to date. Using their own Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing process, Cranfield are set to claim the record from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. more

7 Nov 2016 15:19 News

Learn how Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is Realizing the Promise of Next-Generation Manufacturing with Arcam Metal Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing. more

1 Nov 2016 15:48 Webinars 2 Comments

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's latest 3D printed vehicle pays homage to iconic Shelby Cobra racing car. more

20 Jan 2015 10:19 News

Local Motors has announced a new partnership with the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Local Motors will work with the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL to develop tech for a 3D printed car... more

23 Jan 2014 20:30 News

Arcam and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Tennessee, US, has signed a co-operation agreement under which the parties will facilitate the introduction of Arcam’s EBM technology to US industry through a Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF). more

26 Jul 2012 08:52 News