Tri-Tech 3D, a leading provider of Stratasys 3D printing technology, has been acquired by the Stanford Marsh Group. Stanford Marsh Group will look to continue the progress Tri-Tech has made in the 3D printing sector over the last nine years. more

16 Feb 2017 14:44 News

Group Editor, Daniel O'Connor speaks to Stratasys about its work with the power giant Schneider Electric with 3D printing helping the French company to keep up with its intense product development cycle. more

23 Nov 2016 16:42 News

Stratasys launches high-quality low cost 3D printer to allow smaller dental labs to produce models in-house. more

2 Sep 2015 09:26 News

Additive manufacturing giant Stratasys speeds up industrial 3D printing process with new large format Objet1000 Plus production system for large-scale printing in a range of materials. more

13 Apr 2015 12:10 News

Following success of Objet Eden 260V, Stratasys unveils new machine with improved capabilities for 3D printing dental solutions. more

19 Jan 2015 10:02 News

Stratasys showcases five 3D designers in ACADIA conference. more

23 Oct 2014 15:16 News

University of Leeds invests in the Objet1000 from Stratasys. more

22 Oct 2014 15:30 News

Stratasys has expanded its Triple-Jetting Technology with two new Multi-material 3D Printers which will debut at the TCT Show. more

8 Sep 2014 17:10 News

IPF has seen 3D printing evolve. Bringing its first Objet machine home nine years ago, now it is home to one of the first multi-colour, multi-material 3D printers in the UK. more

16 May 2014 14:00 Services

Engineer Angry Monk took a tape measure, redesigned it and printed it as one piece. more

26 Mar 2014 16:31 PERSONALIZE

A North Wales design consultancy is the first company in the UK to place an order with SYS Systems for the multi-colour, multi-material Stratasys Objet500 Connex3. more

20 Mar 2014 10:56 News

SYS Systems is doing live demonstrations of 3D printing technology at MACH 2014 using Stratasys technology. more

5 Mar 2014 16:10 News

VeroGlaze for Objet EdenV and OrthoDesk 3D Printers delivers teeth color match with superior accuracy, appearance and affordability. more

21 Feb 2014 16:23 News

For the second year in a row, Stratasys' Objet Eden260V 3D printer has taken home the Product Award for Top Innovative Equipment from The Dental Advisor. more

3 Feb 2014 17:05 News

In an announcement the industry has been waiting for, Stratasys unveiled a colour, multi-material 3D printer, the Objet500 Connex3, at SolidWorks World in San Diego. more

25 Jan 2014 01:00 News

Richard Clarkson of the Victoria University of Wellington's School of Design in New Zealand has used an objet machine to combine material to create inflatable prints. more

23 Jan 2014 20:51 PERSONALIZE

An Objet30 Pro 3D printer from Stratasys partner SYS Systems is helping University of Oxford scientists in their neurological research. more

17 Dec 2013 16:49 News

Stratasys is looking to open people's eyes to 3D printing and prototyping at International CES 2014. TCT Magazine spoke to Jon Cobb about the industry leader's plans for the Las Vegas event. more

16 Dec 2013 10:18 TCT Events

Stratasys' new 3D printing material ABS2 offers users high-rigidity and durability for small appliances, electronics and injection mould applications. more

5 Nov 2013 16:10 News

Stratasys 3D printers have been instrumental in creating one fashion designer's accessories range. more

17 Sep 2013 16:05 News