ClearCorrect has significantly scaled its fleet of Objet Eden500V 3D Printers to boost capacity to produce clear orthodontic aligners. Read more


Following success of Objet Eden 260V, Stratasys unveils new machine with improved capabilities for 3D printing dental solutions. Read more


Stratasys has unveiled the 3D printing technology that provides a low-cost entry point for advanced digital dentistry for any dental lab. Read more


For the second year in a row, Stratasys' Objet Eden260V 3D printer has taken home the Product Award for Top Innovative Equipment from The Dental Advisor. Read more


Stratasys has raised the bar again in digital dentistry thanks to its new VeroDentPlus MED690 dental material for Objet EdenV printers. Read more


Scheu Dental announce digital orthodontic collaboration

By Pidalka44, via Wikimedia Commons

Stratasys and Scheu Dental have announced a collaboration that aims to bring orthodontic labs closer to a complete digital solution. Read more


3D printing technology is no longer beyond the reach of small clinics.

dozenist via Wikimedia Commons

Stratasys has launched an orthodontic 3D printer for smaller labs and clinics. Read more

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