Oscar Hines

In Rose Brooke's market roundup this week: despite the UK markets picking up as a result of the triple-dip near-miss, the same uptick was not reflected in the Big Three 3D printing companies. Read more

Guest Blogs

The music has stopped yet again for Massive Dynamics in the great game of management musical chairs and Oscar Hines is out. Rose Brooke and Daniel O'Connor revisit the story that's got TCT readers talking. Read more

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Oscar Hines has been a difficult man to track down, in a follow up to our original Massive Dynamics story we've discovered who the departing CEO is. Read more


Oscar Hines

Massive Dynamics

In Daniel O'Connor's latest blog he details his latest findings on Massive Dynamics who claim to be an up and coming 3D printing company and the man who has ran the show for eight months. Read more

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Massive Dynamics

Massive Dynamics Inc

Our editorial team's attempts to learn more about Massive Dynamics led reporters Rose Brooke and Daniel O'Connor on a wild goose chase. Read more