Sigma Labs has announced the publication of a US Patent Application titled ‘Multi-sensor quality inference and control for additive manufacturing processes’. more

28 Jul 2017 13:58 News

OPM OsteoFab implants

Oxford Performance Materials

Advanced materials science specialist, Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) has announced it has been granted a patent from the European Patent Office (EPO) for its invention on a ‘Customized Implant for Bone Replacement’. more

13 Mar 2017 15:07 News

Has an official Samsung social media account just announced Samsung's first foray into 3D printing? more

21 Oct 2016 15:58 News

A patent filed in May 2014 suggest they may well be, but is this just another pipe dream or the hardware giants taking 3D printing deadly seriously? Daniel O'Connor ponders... more

3 Dec 2015 17:21 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

3D printing titan Stratasys has successfully defended the validity of its patents for FDM 3D printing in a request made by Afinia. more

12 Jun 2015 15:45 News

Boeing files patent to support the 3D printing of replacement parts for aircraft as its revealed there are currently around 20,000 3D printed parts on board the company's fleet. more

9 Mar 2015 11:53 News

Chuck Hull has been honoured by being shortlisted for a European Inventor Award by the European Patent Office. more

28 May 2014 16:57 News

Optomec Jet Aerosol Solar lab System


A US patent has been awarded to Optomec's latest aerosol jet additive manufacturing technology for complex builds in hard-to-reach areas. more

10 Mar 2014 11:18 News

3D printing inventor Chuck Hull will be inducted into the National Inventors' Hall of Fame in May, joining the ranks of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. more

5 Mar 2014 12:32 News

CTO of 3D Systems Chuck Hull has been honoured with a prestigious award for his services to technology as the founding father of 3D printing. more

4 Oct 2013 15:03 News

Scott Crump - the inventor of FDM and Chairman and CIO of Stratasys - is set to talk future-proofing the 3D printing market at TCT Show + Personalize. more

19 Sep 2013 09:45

Manufacturer and distributor of 3D printing technologies EnvisionTEC has announced the appointment of its new CFO. more

6 Sep 2013 09:14 News

The MakerBot and Stratasys merger was confirmed today but what benefit could this give you, the end user? Daniel O'Connor takes a look at some of the Stratasys patents that could give MakerBot another boost. more

16 Aug 2013 15:32 PERSONALIZE

So MakerBot and Stratasys merging was pretty big news, Personalize brings you the highlights of a hectic press conference in this round-up. more

20 Jun 2013 16:59 PERSONALIZE

The music has stopped yet again for Massive Dynamics in the great game of management musical chairs and Oscar Hines is out. Rose Brooke and Daniel O'Connor revisit the story that's got TCT readers talking. more

25 Apr 2013 16:39 , News 2 Comments

Houses of Parliament

WikiWitch at en.wikipedia, from Wikimedia Commons

The Government has launched a consultation for setting up a 'superfast' patent process, which could enable patents to be granted in 90 days. more

24 Apr 2013 11:54 News

EFF are using crowdsourcing website to question some 3D printing patents they believe will stifle innovation in the technology. more

19 Mar 2013 10:00 PERSONALIZE