Peter Weijmarshausen

Shapeways, a 3D printing community, service, and marketplace for consumers, has announced its Co-Founder, Peter Weijmarshausen will relinquish his CEO duties with immediate effect. Read more


We speak to Shapeways CEO, Peter Weijmarshausen for his take on the current state of 3D printing in the consumer market. Read more




A report from Deloitte suggests that the age of mass personalisation is upon us. A boost for all those 3D printing companies, who have already taken on a significant chunk of the burden. Read more


Design software provider Adobe has announced a major new 3D printing feature for Photoshop after working alongside Shapeways and MakerBot. Read more


Shapeways' expansion has been given a significant boost thanks to a $30 million round of funding led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Read more

News Weijmarshausen interview

Edward Reed

Read's interview with Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen about the future for design and manufacturing. Read more


3D Printing in the Home: Who do you agree with?

The five people that were voted the most influential in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing sector have been interviewed by Jim Woodcock and it has identified a real divide on the: ‘Will everyone have a 3D printer?’ question! Read more

12 Sep 2012 14:14 Guest Column