LPW Technology to present research findings on the analysis of contamination in additive manufacturing processes at UK show. Read more

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LPW reveal some fascinatingly festive microscopic images of how exotic materials act once processed for additive manufacturing. Read more


At formnext powered by TCT Daniel O'Connor met up with Natural Robotics to take a look at some of the parts it is managing to achieve with its 40W CO2 laser, almost unheard of power on the desktop. Read more

Daniel O'Connor's Blog

PyroGenesis announces the signing of an NDA with Rolls-Royce as the engineering giant considers the plasma process developers’ AM powders. Read more


formnext powered by tct sees official launch of systems designed to save processing time and reduce hazards associated with metal powders. Read more

TCT Conference @ Formnext

Bodycote AM metallurgy processes


Bodycote, a provider of heat treatment and specialist thermal processing services, has launched a group of additive manufacturing processes for use in the production of complex components which use powder metallurgy. Read more


GE Aviation has entered a joint venture with Allegheny Technologies, a producer of advanced speciality materials, to develop a new meltless titanium alloy powder for use in AM applications. Read more

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The manufacturer of plasma waste-to-energy systems has taken its first order of additive manufacturing powders from an undisclosed multinational conglomerate. Read more


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Laser Sintering (LS) is the most developed Additive Manufacturing technology for the production of industrial parts thus far. It is best suited to carry the industry beyond prototyping due to the mechanical properties attainable by sintering. Read more

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The two companies are working together to market Ricoh’s first AM system, the RICOH AM S5500P’s with Solvay's Sinterline Technyl PA6 GB high performance powders. Read more


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Leading global supplier of high performance materials for critical applications, Henkel is focused on developing novel filament and powder materials in the additive manufacturing field. In preparation, Henkel has partnered with DUS Architects. Read more


The strategic partnership has been agreed in an attempt to achieve greater and faster developments of new industrial applications. Read more

TCT Conference @ Formnext

After forming a partnership with Farsoon and launching a new series of laser sintering 3D printers at formnext Prodways announce a batch of new sales and a host of new partners. Read more


NASA 3D Printed Rocket Test


The huge aerospace and defence company, who were recently awarded with a huge manufacturing contract by NASA have successfully tested a hypersonic engine combustor at Langley Research Center. Read more


LPW Technology POWDERFLOW product line to help additive manufacturing users efficiently characterise flow of powders. Read more


AP&C files strategic patents for the improved flowability of metal powders and high-yield production of fine powder from reactive metals. Read more


In order to further enhance its quest in becoming a 3D printing giant Prodways have acquired laser sintering powder specialist Exceltec. Read more

TCT Conference @ Formnext

LPW Technology's additive manufacturing powder characterisation management system set to debut in US at 3D printing event in Long Beach, California. Read more


LPW Technology adds ISO 13485 certification to quality control standards for additive manufacturing powders. Read more


Toolcraft uses optimised metal powders from LPW Technology for additive manufacturing processes. Read more


Diamond Plastics GmbH in Nuremberg have designed a new 100% reusable powder for laser sintering. Read more