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East Stroudsburg University

Keith R. Stevenson/ Pocono Record

A public university in Pennsylvania is offering a new certificate programme to its Art and Design students which focuses on 3D printing and product design. It will show students how to use the latest 3D equipment in graphic and object design. more

19 Dec 2016 11:15 News

World's first folding, soft, multiple impact cycle helmet launches crowdfunding campaign with help of 3D printing. more

25 Nov 2015 11:45 PERSONALIZE

Industrial design and bike light manufacturer, Supernova Design, installs MakerBot Replicator and sees dramatic improvements to product design process. more

21 Aug 2015 16:03 News

Boston tech start up launches 3D printing platform featuring over 300 customisable designer products across homeware, fashion, tech and art. more

19 Aug 2015 12:18 Services

The Coolest Cooler raised $13.2 million on Kickstarter in just 30 days, the latest MakerBot story reveals how without 3D printing that may never have been possible. more

30 Jul 2015 12:34 News

Design companies, Alloy and LA Design take home Gold Awards for sustainability and innovation in public service and business. more

16 Feb 2015 11:16 PERSONALIZE

TCT commented just how good the packaging of the BEETHEFIRST 3D printer was when we reviewed it, new information reveals why it's so darn good. more

11 Dec 2014 14:39 PERSONALIZE

Now 3D Systems and Formlabs have settled their differences we thought it was time to take a look at the design of the desktop 3D printer, which shook up an industry. more

5 Dec 2014 14:33 News

“We have a huge supply chain, with an enormous amount of leverage and capability. We want to see everybody taking advantage of it,” says Josh Valman at RPD International. more

16 Sep 2014 09:00 News


Ricky Qi, via Wikimedia Commons

TCT + Personalize is proud to announce the launch of TCT Asia in partnership with VNU Exhibitions Asia. The debut TCT Asia will take place in Shanghai in March 2015. more

29 May 2014 16:00 events

Product development specialist ARRK Europe has joined the SMMT, cementing its place in the automotive industry. more

20 Nov 2013 17:12 Services

Bre Pettis

Bre Pettis,, via Flickr

MakerBot announced its mission to put a desktop 3D printer in very school at the launch of an ambitious new education scheme. more

12 Nov 2013 16:10 News

The Pero

Studio Macura

The Netherlands is home to so many 3D printing outfits that it is fast overtaking New York as the home of 3D printing. Daniel O'Connor wonders why in his blog. more

30 Oct 2013 14:15 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Until December 7th you can get your hands on some FREE Tinkercad software for your academic institution... find out how to apply here. more

14 Nov 2012 09:32 PERSONALIZE

3D Printing — Then, Now and in the Future

Kevin Quigley runs his own successful product design agency and has been a first hand witness to the evolution of digital tools for product development — which includes but is in no way limited to 3D printing — over the last couple of decades ... more

27 Jun 2012 11:27 Guest Column