Rachel Park

Rachel Park continues her insightful series of articles about the “Barriers to Adoption" in AM. In the first installments she covered costs and materials. In this installment she discusses the 3D data input you’ll need before ever pressing “print”. Read more


3D Printing in the Home: Who do you agree with?

The five people that were voted the most influential in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing sector have been interviewed by Jim Woodcock and it has identified a real divide on the: ‘Will everyone have a 3D printer?’ question! Read more

12 Sep 2012 14:14 Guest Column

Bit Cross, Cornelissen

Image supplied courtesy of Michiel Cornelissen

The 3D Printing Intersection Between Creativity and Business Opportunities

In a previous post I highlighted retail outlets for 3D printed products & talented designers presenting innovative designs to consumers. For me, this is a fascinating area — a clear intersection between the creative community & industry. Read more

23 Aug 2012 16:22 Guest Column

The Timing Was Off — Stratasys & HP Part Ways

In January 2010, the 3D printing world got excited when Stratasys announced a definitive agreement with HP whereby Stratasys would develop and manufacture an exclusive line of 3D printers for HP. It wasn't to be, but why? Read more

14 Aug 2012 08:19 Guest Column

3D Printing with Powder — At the Entry Level

An open source powder based 3D printer – it’s what we’ve all been waiting for isn’t it? Read more

10 Aug 2012 10:07 Guest Column

London 2012 – No, not the Olympics! 3D Printing on the High Street

London is the place to be right now — with a spectacular celebration of all that is good about the Olympics' host nation in 2012. And now, the city can boast another accolade — the Color Company’s seven stores offer 3D printing on the high street. Read more

7 Aug 2012 16:42 Guest Column

When It's Good, It's Very Very Good

After 3D printing headlines that point to the darker side of human nature in recent weeks, how uplifting it has been today to see the story break of how 3D printing has helped one little girl by providing her with the ability to hug again! Read more

2 Aug 2012 20:43 Guest Column

3D Printing: Purchasing Power at your Fingertips

So where can you peruse — and easily purchase — these marvelous 3D printed consumer products I am talking about? This latest post will point you in the right direction. Read more

2 Aug 2012 08:56 Guest Column

Not Quite 3D Printing A Gun!

The “3D printed gun” story went viral last week. Anyone that follows me on twitter will have been privy to my thoughts on this story as it broke, summed up by the hash tag #notquite3Dprintingagun. Read more

30 Jul 2012 08:43 Guest Column

It's Not Yet Access All Areas for 3D Printing

Accessibility is a key issue around 3D printing for makers and consumers, yet while these two groups have different prerequisites in terms of what they need access to, this is a fundamental issue that needs focus and coherence. Read more

24 Jul 2012 15:47 Guest Column

3D Printing For Better or For Worse

Like last week, I started to write a post for PersonaliZe, and then changed my mind, and went in a completely different direction! Women, huh! Read more

17 Jul 2012 11:08 Guest Column

Out of the Mouths of Babes – My Babe Actually

Having started two other blog posts for PersonaliZe this week, they are now on the back burner for future posts, and what you are going to get is a conversation I had with my son (7 years old) this morning, which brought me a true moment of clarity. Read more

12 Jul 2012 09:41 Guest Column

Whitney Houston & 3D Printing — Can You Make the Link?

Song lyrics in a post about 3D printing — not tried this before, but it really couldn’t be more appropriate to my musings this week. While I am sure many of you will disagree, I reckon I could do worse than Whitney as my muse — have you guessed yet? Read more

2 Jul 2012 12:27 Guest Column

Sharing the 3D Printing Passion

A couple of questions for you: Who was the last uninitiated person you told about 3D printing? & What was the best reaction you’ve ever had? Read more

28 Jun 2012 11:58 Guest Column

The Hype-Cycle is Inevitable: Which is why we should Challenge It!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I do get rather frustrated with some of the hype (aka complete rubbish) that is spouted about 3D printing. However, I am not going to apologise for writing about it here on PersonliZe once again. Read more

18 Jun 2012 14:48 Guest Column

You Know Me - I've Always Liked Getting Personal

The guys at PersonaliZe have made me an offer I can’t refuse! Essentially this comes down to an invitation to work with them on PersonaliZe for the next few months and air my views on the world of 3D printing in this exciting new forum. Read more

12 Jun 2012 12:22 Guest Column