RAPID 2014



EnvisionTEC has been awarded Best in Show after impressing visitors to this month's RAPID 2014 additive manufacturing conference in Detroit. more

16 Jun 2014 16:17 News

Materialise's slot car racing event at RAPID served to bring all corners of the 3D printing industry together, as slot car fans joined in and put their own 3D-printed designs to the test on the track. more

16 Jun 2014 11:56 News

3D Systems and the SME have launched a new initiative aimed at transforming education to better prepare the next generation, with the help of 3D Systems' 3D printing technology. more

12 Jun 2014 15:45 News

Hollywood's most famous sci-fi law-enforcer has been brought to life for the 21st century thanks to Legacy Effects and Stratasys multi-material 3D printing. more

12 Jun 2014 10:40 News

Mcor has revealed its "phenomenal growth" over the past year, reporting jumps in sales figures. This comes after news of the company's $12 million investment from WHEB. more

12 Jun 2014 05:00 News

Formlabs is expanding its operations in Europe, making it easier and cheaper for customers on the continent. This news follows the launch of the Form 1+ at RAPID. more

11 Jun 2014 16:27 News

3D Systems

Via YouTube

3D Systems' 3D printing technology has proved it can not only match but exceed injection moulding production times, making 3D printing a viable manufacturing option with less tooling and shorter supply chains. more

11 Jun 2014 15:00 News

Optomec LENS component repair

Via YouTube

Optomec's Ken Vartanian is set to broaden the horizons of RAPID 2014 attendees with his presentation on utilising additive manufacturing to add to preformed parts. more

11 Jun 2014 11:03 News

EOS has launched its EOS M 290 DMLS system - the successor to the EOSINT M 280 additive manufacturing machine - at RAPID 2014 in Detroit. more

11 Jun 2014 10:21 News

Mcor technologies has unveiled the new Mcor FLEX finishing option for its IRIS and Matrix 3D printers. more

11 Jun 2014 05:00 Software


Mcor Technologies has announced that its flagship Mcor IRIS paper true-colour 3D printer is the first 3D printer to abide by a global colour accuracy standard. more

10 Jun 2014 16:54 News

Envisiontec is proving its additive manufacturing industry dominance at RAPID 2014, as the exhibitor's technology is respected and used by a slew of innovators speaking at the event. more

10 Jun 2014 15:09 News

Formlabs has unveiled the Form 1+ 3D printer at RAPID. The new stereolithography machine offers superior prints at higher speeds and can now print in black resin. more

10 Jun 2014 15:00 News

Optomec LENS

Via Optomec YouTube channel

Optomec is set to present the very latest in additive manufacturing technology at one of the 3D printing industry's most talked-about events - RAPID. more

5 Jun 2014 16:42 News

RAPID has announced the deadline for submitting speaker abstracts for the June 2014 additive manufacturing event will be December 1st 2013. more

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