RAPID 2013

Rapid 2013

RAPID 2013 Conference & Exposition

The growing popularity of 3D printing saw RAPID 2013 break its attendance record last week. more

18 Jun 2013 16:25 News


Rapid week has come and gone and the Big Three are all the better for it. Rose Brooke reveals all in the market roundup. more

14 Jun 2013 15:50 Guest Blogs

around i.materialise contest winner Emanuele Niri's piece Tomato Paint Soup


An exhibition showcasing the marriage of 3D printing and Andy Warhol's oeuvre has been branded a success by sponsor Materialise. more

13 Jun 2013 10:19 News

David Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh

By Dmuth, via Wikimedia Commons

SLM Solutions is journeying from Germany to the US to present its latest developments as a RAPID 2013 sponsor. more

10 Jun 2013 15:53 News

The Andy Warhol Museum will host the Opening Reception for RAPID 2013 in Pittsburgh next month - and the artist's oeuvre has been interpreted by artists to honour both Warhol's work and 3D printing. more

29 May 2013 09:54 News

To celebrate RAPID 2013, Curator and Creative Director of Moss Bureau in New York, Murray Moss, will present Factory 2:0 - a series of installations at the Andy Warhol Museum. more

29 May 2013 09:41