Laura Griffiths takes a look at a novel approach to up cycling 2D printing waste for 3D manufacturing. more

25 Oct 2017 14:23 News

Plastic bottle walls

CBS8 News

A non-profit organisation based in San Diego are using a 3D-printed tool to recycle waste in the building of eco-friendly walls. A 3D-printed funnel mechanism is used to place litter in used plastic bottles which are built into cemented walls. more

22 Nov 2016 11:30 News

Fila-Cycle takes to Kickstarter with world's largest collection of recycled 3D printing filaments made from post-consumer plastics, electronics goods and automotive plastics. more

5 Nov 2015 09:16 News

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer teams with Perpetual Plastic Project to reduce plastic waste and create recycled filament. more

15 Sep 2015 11:54 News

Tethers Unlimited wins NASA contract to develop recycling system for creating 3D printer filament from plastic waste on board the International Space Station. more

17 Apr 2015 09:48 News

XYZprinting launches new range of PLA filaments and ABS refill options for more sustainable 3D printing. more

17 Feb 2015 16:42 News

Indiegogo campaign for 3D printer filament recycler, Protocycler designed to reduce 3D printing waste and save money. more

29 Jan 2015 16:54 PERSONALIZE

3D-Reprinter recycles home waste plastic into 3D printing filament. more

15 Sep 2014 13:58 News

3D Systems partner with Coke for latest 3D Printer

With help from their CCO, 3D Systems have teamed up with Coca-Cola to produce a printer, which uses recycled PET bottles as material. more

16 Jun 2014 17:08 Guest Column

Taiwanese design agency Fabraft Design Lab are cycling round Taipei recycling the plastic cups that are the scourge of the Chinese territory's coastline. more

23 Apr 2014 16:29 PERSONALIZE

Urban Hubs want us to 3D print recycling bins for cans and bottles in order to make the lives of the US's canners easier. more

23 Apr 2014 10:47 PERSONALIZE

Filabot Wee


As the Kickstarter success launched their latest scaled-back model some have been left wondering where the original system is. more

7 Aug 2013 16:59 PERSONALIZE

Filabot Filament


Talk about being confident in your product, the firm behind the filament making machine have started selling the filament they've produced. more

11 Jun 2013 11:50 PERSONALIZE