RedEye On Demand

Solid Concepts, Harvest Technologies and RedEye Services have been merged to Form Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. more

19 Feb 2015 16:45

Tried to reach the big crowd — consumers — with your online 3D print platform lately? Recent research from Berenshot suggests you may need to reassess how you meet their needs. more

13 Dec 2014 08:32 , , News

Completion will combine Solid Concepts and Harvest Technologies with RedEye to establish one additive manufacturing services business unit. more

18 Jul 2014 11:36 News

FDM 3D printing on a large scale has been utilised by aerospace giant Lockheed Martin to build fuel tank simulators for a satellite project. more

8 May 2014 14:53 News

3D printing may soon become commonplace in the car manufacturing sector thanks to the pioneering URBEE 2. more

8 Mar 2013 10:00 News


KOR EcoLogic

KOR EcoLogical, RedEye On Demand and their parent company Stratasys have announced the world's first fully 3D printed car, The Urbee, will go into production and be on the road within two years. more

6 Mar 2013 16:00 PERSONALIZE