Although Scott Crump invented the process for the majority of desktop extrusion-based 3D printers on the market it was this lecturer from the University of Bath who helped proliferate them with his self-replicating machine project, RepRap. more

9 Dec 2017 17:14 TCT Hall of Fame

RepRap 3D printing developer and retailer reduces cost of its Premium PLA 3D printing filament by more than 40%. more

15 Apr 2015 14:29 News

A study by researchers at MTU suggests that we'd be foolish not to own a 3D Printer. more

1 Aug 2013 11:28 PERSONALIZE

TCT Show + Personalize is the UK's leading additive manufacturing, 3D printing and product development technology show, and in 2013 the event is boasting a first, as it is welcoming the RepRap community to set up camp in a dedicated space on the show more

20 Jun 2013 14:19 events

Rich Horne

TCT Show + Personalize speaker Richard Horne leads a double life both as a 'suit' and a 'woolly jumper' and it is the RichRap inventor's mission to join the two sides at this year's event. Rose Brooke spoke to the 3D printing community stalwart. more

30 May 2013 13:42 PERSONALIZE

The Tantillus 3D printer is an open-source, rep-rap inspired machine. Nothing breakthrough there, but then this one is portable! more

16 May 2012 16:08 PERSONALIZE