Replicator 2

Everybody's favourite educational children's show Sesame Street have licensed their character to the MakerBot store. more

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Rick Baker

Check out this gallery of the most astonishing 3D prints you're likely to see in some time. more

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Raul Krauthausen

Raul Krauthausen

Raul Krauthausen has brittle bone disease, he uses a wheelchair to get around, his is often faced with the obstacle of high steps, he sees obstacles as merely a challenge to overcome and overcome he does. more

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CES 2014 has barely begun and already we've got a raft of new printers including three from MakerBot. more

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3D Printer and parts seized by police


A Greater Manchester Police raid this morning has led to a man being arrested who is suspected of trying to make a homemade gun on a 3D printer. All is not as it seems.... more

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You've heard of a factory on your desktop now French 3D printing experts want to bring a factory to your car, your electric car. more

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Another fantastic case study from the guys at MakerBot on how Replicators are being used in the development of the James Webb Space Telescope. more

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Hands on Search by Yahoo JAPAN is a voice activated 3D printer that is helping visually impaired children feel whatever they like. more

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The Brooklyn 3D Printing giants supplied a designer with two MakerBots and some of their new flexible filament in order to see whether it could be used to make a fully wearable dress. more

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MakerBot have finally realeased their much talked about scanner, The Digitizer. Complete with a video from Bre we run down the specs, what it can do and what it can't. more

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MakerBot Experience in Microsoft store


Fresh from announcing native support for 3D Printing on Windows, Microsoft launch retail partnership with MakerBot. more

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Harvey Norman is to offer both an in-store 3D printing service and the MakerBot Replicator 2. more

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Digital Trends

Could Microsoft's ailing OS be given a timely boost by making 3D printing as easy as laser printing? They seem to think so. more

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Project Kinder

Laura North

A research study into re-creating the toy inside of a Kinder Surprise without breaking the egg using 3D printing has won the prestigious Research as Art Award 2013. more

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MakerBot have announced that they will now be selling their 3D printers directly on's new 3D Printing store. Becoming the first of the 3D printing big hitters to do so. more

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Meet the men who have created a 3D printed a prosthetic hand and the children who have benefitted from it in this amazing documentary from MakerBot. more

9 May 2013 16:00 Videos

Liam with his RoboHand


Meet the men who have created a 3D printed a prosthetic hand and the children who have benefitted from it in this inspiring documentary from MakerBot. more

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You know your product has his the mainstream when it is featured in not one, but two in-flight magazines! 3D printers, coming to a duty-free near you. more

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London Fashion

Fashion Space Gallery

The London College of Fashion will be hosting an exhibition of 3D printed fashion over this next month, complete with MakerBot Replicator 2 running off jewellery and a material library by Shapeways. more

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The Gadget Show

Gadget Show

The British series The Gadget Show did the television's first 3D printing group test of affordable personal 3D printers. Involved in the test were Cube, Replicator 3 and Ultimaker. more

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