Research & Development

Fraunhofer bugatti brake caliper.

Marc Steinmetz

The City of Hamburg has invested €30 million to boost its research of 3D printing and nano technology, merging Fraunhofer Gesellschaft with the Laser Zentrum Nord (LZN) centre. more

13 Feb 2018 10:23 News

Speciality chemicals company, Evonik Industries has established its first research centre in Singapore where one of the key focuses will be additive manufacturing. more

7 Dec 2017 11:42 News

Iterate, a company helping others to take ideas from concept to reality, has been awarded an Innovate UK grant worth £1 million to further develop its advanced 3D printing technology. more

6 Nov 2017 14:11 News

LPW Technology has created a new research division focused on the design of alloys and microstructures. more

15 Aug 2017 14:39 News

  • BASF to expand 3D printing business with dedicated BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH.