Lady of Cao


Archaeologists, culture officials and scientists in Peru have been able to reconstruct the face of the remains of an ancient female ruler with the aid of 3D technology. more

6 Jul 2017 09:50 News

Editorial Assistant, Sam Davies reports on how The British Museum teamed up with ThinkSee3D to solve a 9,500 year old mystery. more

28 Apr 2017 12:17 Sam Davies' Blog

Breathing a new life into historic cars

Kieran Salter, Managing Director at KWSP discusses the impact 3D printing is having on the classic car market. more

9 Aug 2016 10:57 Guest Column 1 Comments

UK-based rapid prototyping specialist uses 3D scanning and 3D printing to recreate mascot for restored Rolls Royce RF 14 commissioned by the Prince of Wales. more

24 Aug 2015 11:57 Imaging

Latest project from Artec 3D and to preserve artifacts at one of the largest Eastern European historical museums, the Historical Museum of Stara Zagora in Bulgaria. more

19 Aug 2015 11:11 Imaging

Military history goes online with the help of 3D scanning to mark the anniversary of World War One. more

18 Feb 2015 15:18 Imaging


Natural History Museum

As the UK mourns the loss of one of London's Natural History Museum's greatest attractions, Laura Griffiths asks if 3D printing might just be the thing to give Dippy the dinosaur a new lease of life. more

2 Feb 2015 11:28 News

Laser scan marks trio of engineering success through collaboration with the Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation for conservational and educational models. more

27 Jan 2015 14:05 Imaging

Cardiff University's School of Engineering 3D prints full size replica of Gadair Ddu, awarded to one of Wales most famous poets. more

16 Jan 2015 16:02 News

Leading 3D scanning brand helps preserve ancient treasure for museum. more

22 Dec 2014 15:28 Imaging

In collaboration with St Andrews Golf Co., the University of Dundee has produced the world’s first metal 3D printed club head. more

23 Sep 2014 15:38 News

Church of St Maria Maddalena, Rome

By Lalupa, via Wikimedia Commons

FARO 3D scanning technology has been used to record the exact dimensions of historic architecture and decorative edifices in Rome as part of a Masters degree programme. more

16 Jun 2014 09:57 Imaging