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Polymaker, a developer of 3D printing materials, and XEV, an Italian car manufacturer, have unveiled a mass-producible electric car with 57 3D printed parts. more

16 Mar 2018 11:47 News



Ultimaker has announced the integration of HP’s 3D scanning software with its Cura 3D printing software platform. more

15 Mar 2018 14:31 News

Carbodeon, a Finnish nanodiamond manufacturer, is teaming with Tiamet 3D to bring to market the first 3D printing filaments to be enhanced by diamond nanoparticles. more

15 Mar 2018 12:06 News 1 Comments

3DGence Double


3DGence, a Polish manufacturer of 3D printing systems, has launched the 3DGence Double, a machine equipped with a dual extruder. more

15 Mar 2018 10:43 News

Evonik 2021 PA 12 plant


Evonik, a global chemicals company, has announced plans to build a new €400 million polyamide 12 (PA 12) production complex in Marl, Germany. more

14 Mar 2018 15:52 News

Stratasys has entered an exclusive three-year collaboration with Eckhart, Inc. which will see it supply the company with 3D printing technology for the manufacture of factory tooling. more

13 Mar 2018 15:18 News

Solidscape S390


Solidscape, a manufacturer of 3D printing systems wholly owned by Stratasys, has introduced the latest addition to its range of 3D printing systems designed for the jewellery market. more

12 Mar 2018 15:57 News

FabRx Fabrizio_Fina_in_front_of_the_Sintratec_Kit


FabRx, a research group looking to harness 3D printing for the production of medicine, has invested in Sintratec Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology. more

12 Mar 2018 15:21 News

Carbon Vitamix


Carbon’s 3D printing technology has been harnessed by Vitamix, a blending equipment manufacturer, to redesign a micro-fluidic nozzle which rinses and cleans blender containers. more

8 Mar 2018 16:56 News


Maciej Ralowski /

Verashape, a Polish manufacturer of 3D printers, has launched an Open Innovation Program which will look to drive the adoption and application of its VSHAPER 5-axis machine. more

7 Mar 2018 17:01 News

Editorial Assistant, Sam Davies speaks to the team behind Carbon’s latest software update featuring Finite Element Analysis (FEA). more

6 Mar 2018 11:16 Software

Sailner showcases its multi-colour and multi-material 3D printing capabilities at TCT Asia. more

1 Mar 2018 07:59 TCT Asia

Specialty chemical company, Clariant has made its first appearance at an AM-centred exhibition since announcing its entry into to the market late last year. more

1 Mar 2018 05:52 TCT Asia

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Bert Buijsrogge Photography

Sam Davies takes a look at how a Dutch architecture graduate harnessed 3D printing to create a classical wristwatch. more

27 Feb 2018 09:39 News

FDM tungsten carbide nozzle

Dyze Design

Dyze Design, a 3D printing accessory developer, is set to launch a range of Tungsten Carbide Nozzles fit for numerous FDM desktop machines via a Kickstarter campaign. more

23 Feb 2018 10:15 News

Nano Dimension has announced a reseller agreement with EDA Technologies, which will see its DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D printing system made available in South Africa. more

22 Feb 2018 14:32 News

Raise3D N2 Plus


Voodoo Manufacturing, a New York-based volume 3D printing factory, is introducing a new service that affords customers the opportunity to manufacture parts on a larger scale. more

21 Feb 2018 16:00 News

Bosch, the German engineering and electronics company, has made a global investment in Ultimaker 3 Extended printing machines. more

21 Feb 2018 14:45 News 1 Comments

Audi SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions has revealed automotive giant, Audi has been using its selective laser melting process to produce prototypes and manufacture rarely-requested spare parts. more

21 Feb 2018 09:23 News


DWS Systems

DWS Systems, a manufacturer of stereolithography machines, has established a dedicated business unit to the digital dentistry market and announced a new 3D printing platform. more

20 Feb 2018 15:49 News