Europac 3D enlisted to scan the mysterious London Stone by the Museum of London in order to solve a mystery that has plagued archaeologists for hundreds of years. more

20 Apr 2017 14:14 Imaging

A render of the University of Huddersfield campus


3M Buckley Innovation Centre set about recreating the entire University of Huddersfield campus in 3D. more

20 Apr 2017 10:14 Imaging

How does hybrid modeling enable the fourth industrial revolution? Join Spatial's Senior Product Manager, Brian Rohde, for this free webinar to find out about the software's new ability to model with both precise and polygonal representations. more

7 Sep 2016 16:49 Webinars

Funding from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to develop a 3D scanning system to support provision of custom eyewear. more

25 May 2016 15:18 Imaging

Patented scanning technology is capable of producing accurate representations of 3D material samples with sub-mm precision. more

26 Feb 2016 12:10 Imaging

Industrial metrology company introduces sixth generation CMM-laser scanner with significant advantage over traditional red and blue laser scanners and universal compatibility with portable and fixed coordinate measuring systems. more

17 Jun 2015 16:35 Imaging

AGT Robotics teams with Creaform to develop new ScanMaster turnkey 3D scanning solution for automated quality control applications. more

3 Jun 2015 17:05 News

3D scanning company Fuel3D announces strategic investment and technology investment agreement to develop 3D scanning technology for US government. more

7 May 2015 11:36 Imaging

Shining 3D launches EinScan-S desktop 3D scanner on Kickstarter in a bid to bring affordable, industrial standard 3D scanning to the consumer market. more

30 Jan 2015 09:41 Imaging

Forget the selfie stick - get a 3D scan selfie with Fuel3D's high-resolution scanner. more

10 Jan 2015 00:04 TCT Events

Artec talks consumer 3D scanning and the industries that are benefiting from its technology. more

10 Oct 2014 16:03 News

You'll be able to see the qualities of the digitisation and verificaction firm's latest laser 3D scanning system throughout the entirety of TCT Show + Personalize. more

28 Sep 2014 19:59

LMI Technologies announces release of its smallest 3D scanner in the HDI 100 series. more

22 Sep 2014 09:41 News

Materialise completes its 3D printing portfolio with a new in-house scanning and measurement service. more

19 Sep 2014 11:03 News

Combined with the new HandySCAN 3D scanner, Pipecheck 2.2 offers never-before-seen speed and accuracy when evaluating pipeline degradation and remaining service life - a major shift from traditional assessment methods. more

28 May 2014 15:00 Software

A man's face has been rebuilt by surgeons in Swansea using 3D printing technology from Renishaw and LayerWise after he suffered an horrific bike accident in 2012. more

12 Mar 2014 10:19 News


Credit: CSIRO

Police in Queensland, Australia, are using 3D scanning technology to map out crime scenes in 3D using a Zebedee 3D scanner developed by CSIRO. more

14 Feb 2014 15:36 Imaging

Gray's Anatomy Male Pelvis

Gray's Anatomy

A surgeon has 3D printed the pelvis of a cancer patient, who had half of his own pelvis removed to prevent the spread of bone cancer. more

10 Feb 2014 09:24 News

Renishaw's new contact SPRINT scanning system for CNC machine tools is set to go on display at MACH 2014. more

28 Jan 2014 16:58 Imaging

British additive manufacturing pioneer Renishaw is set to put its new high-speed machine tool scanning systems on show. more

21 Jan 2014 16:54 Imaging