Scott Crump

The first inductee into the TCT Hall of Fame was Scott Crump the founder of Stratasys and inventor of the fused deposition modelling (FDM) - arguably 3D printing's most recognisable technology. more

24 Nov 2017 18:11 TCT Hall of Fame

The inaugural TCT Awards hosted on Wednesday 27th September 2017 in Birmingham Town Hall celebrated the great and the good of 3D technologies. Here's the full list of winners with more to come from the event soon. more

1 Oct 2017 10:42 TCT Awards

Brazilian Air Force Stratasys aircraft part


Brazilian Air Force's Institute of Advanced Studies has partnered with Stratasys to efficiently create robust aircraft components. Using 3D printing solutions, the Air Force will be able to manufacture test models within a week. more

9 Nov 2016 09:56 News

Carl Deckard, the co-founder of Structured Polymers, is set to receive the Innovator Award for his development of Selective Laser Sintering. He invented the technique as an undergraduate at the University of Texas. more

4 Nov 2016 10:30 News

In Context

Todd Grimm's latest piece looks at how different phrases in the additive manufacturing industry should only be interpreted in the context within it was said. more

27 May 2016 16:09 The Todd Grimm Column

At AMUG 2016 Todd Grimm interviewed Stratasys founder and inventor of FDM to find out what makes Scott Crump really tick. more

6 Apr 2016 20:59 News

FDM inventor and Stratasys founder Scott Crump has been inducted into the Minnesota Inventors Hall of Fame for his 3D printing innovations. more

9 May 2014 14:54 News

AMUG has announced the recipients of its DINO award of excellence in service to additive manufacturing. more

22 Apr 2014 09:20

TCT Magazine + Personalize is now available through a brand new Android app on Google Play and an update to the existing app on the iOS App Store. more

11 Dec 2013 14:19 TCT Show + Personalize

TCT Magazine + Personalize is now available through a brand new Android app on Google Play and an update to the existing app on the iOS App Store. more

11 Dec 2013 13:58 News


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Out of the hundreds of photos taken at TCT Show + Personalize 2013 we've selected twenty for your perusing pleasure in our new look galleries. more

11 Oct 2013 10:42 events

We've compiled a slideshow that gives a glimpse of some of the great industry innovators and thinkers who graced the main stage at TCT Show + Personalize 2013. more

10 Oct 2013 15:52

TCT Show + Personalize was proud to announce the "rock stars" billed for its main stage speaker sessions this year. Here's a snapshot of the talks. more

1 Oct 2013 14:37 2 Comments

Do you have a 3D printer sitting on your desk that extrudes plastic material to make an object? If so you probably owe a great deal to this man, speaking at this years TCT Show + Personalize Keynote Sessions. more

23 Sep 2013 16:10 events

Scott Crump - the inventor of FDM and Chairman and CIO of Stratasys - is set to talk future-proofing the 3D printing market at TCT Show + Personalize. more

19 Sep 2013 09:45

3D printing's most powerful global executives will deliver their personal insights during exclusive keynote addresses at TCT Show + Personalize, the UK's leading additive manufacturing, 3D printing and product development event on 25-26th September. more

9 Jul 2013 10:16

The Timing Was Off — Stratasys & HP Part Ways

In January 2010, the 3D printing world got excited when Stratasys announced a definitive agreement with HP whereby Stratasys would develop and manufacture an exclusive line of 3D printers for HP. It wasn't to be, but why? more

14 Aug 2012 08:19 Guest Column